Lachlan Scott Wedding
Lachlan is a film-maker with a passion for capturing life's defining moments. He is an award-winning photographer and has written and directed documentaries and short films. He is also the founder of Lachlan Scott Wedding Videography, a boutique wedding videography company based in Melbourne, Australia.

I believe every wedding is unique. It is a product of your relationship, your shared history, your family and friendship groups. My primary objective as a wedding videographer is to convey these special differences through the artform of modern filmaking. I adopt a documentary-style approach to my wedding shoots, which means stepping back and capturing the real moments of the day as they unfold. The end product is an intimate portrait of the wedding, journeying the event and emotions experienced by the couple, their family and friends.

In each stage of the production I emphasize quality and use the latest filming and editing equipment ensuring a HD standard and cinematic feel. I work with a small team where two videographers are required.

The first step to creating any of my videos is to meet the couple. In doing this we can get to know each other and discuss the possible styles and aesthetics of your wedding video. Please see my contact page for details on how to arrange a meeting.